Conversations on College Athletics: The Business and Entertainment of College Basketball

Debbie Antonelli has 30 years experience in college athletics. Many know her as a basketball analyst for TV networks but few realize she was once a collegiate marketer. Trip Durham asks Debbie about her perspective on the state of the game, the responsibility of coaches, and how social media should lift people.

How Athletic Departments Can Leverage ESPN’s Shift Toward Personality Driven Content

ESPN is recalibrating its business away from things which have no economic value and toward analysis, interviews, and takes. Good news: The shift represents an opportunity for athletic departments to play a greater role in content creation.

Words Of Wisdom From The Old Captain

Rick Jones of Fishbait Marketing has been a stalwart of the college athletics world. With his relationships with Fortune 100 companies and his collaboration with sports admins from across the country, Rick has almost seen it all. Trip Durham entices Rick to pass along some great insights about where we've been, are, and going.

Values, Principals & Mantras Of Leadership: Jack Swarbrick

Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick covers his attitude & approach to leadership, taking risks & integrating key values.

Organizational Culture: Jay Jacobs & Bubba Cunningham

University of North Carolina Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham and Auburn University Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs discuss organizational culture and managing big personalities.

Athletic Director U: Jennifer Cohen

University of Washington Director of Athletics Jennifer Cohen sits down with Athletic Director U at the Collegiate Sports Summit.